March 26, 2014 Posted by admin

thrive attempt 1There are days where we can all feel like we are just striving to survive. We face conflict, difficulties, our own mistakes, situations beyond our control, and a myriad of circumstances that can be discouraging. The goal can become: “survive.” I am thankful that God wants more for our lives than just survival. God has great intentions for our lives. He is victorious, and as followers of Jesus, we are overcomers.

It is time to do more than survive – it is time to THRIVE! God’s desire is that you know Him, grow in Him, and reflect Him in your life. God is greater than any circumstance or challenge that we face.

In order to THRIVE, we must develop our relationship with Jesus. The strategy we use at Pathway Church to accomplish this is called “GROW”. At Pathway Church, we are releasing a curriculum based approach to help people grow in the Lord and THRIVE in their life. We are organizing THRIVE groups (discipleship groups) of 2-6 people. You will have an opportunity to evaluate yourself according to the areas of our strategy: Worship, Connect, Grow, Serve, and Go. You will identify the area that you want to further develop. Groups will be organized based on your desires. We will have groups that focus on every area of our strategy.

On Sunday Night April 13, Author and trainer Jim Hall will be at Pathway Church. Jim will speak in the morning worship service, and help us to facilitate an informational and training meeting that evening. If you have interest in leading a THRIVE group, or simply want to learn more about our discipleship strategy called THRIVE, make plans to join us Sunday night April 13.

My Part

March 19, 2014 Posted by admin

MY PART march sermon seriesAs followers of Christ we all understand God’s grace. We are blessed beyond what we deserve. Being a Christian includes receiving forgiveness, walking in God’s blessing, being free and much, much more. We have a great assignment to share God’s love with the world. This means that as Christians, we are part of an “army” that God is mobilizing for His purpose! We are on a mission to share the message of Christ! We all have a part to play!

This Sunday, March 23 I am wrapping up a sermon series on Romans 12 called “My Part.” Romans 11 ends with a brief description about God’s greatness. In response to His greatness, we are to “OFFER” ourselves to God as a living sacrifice. We are to serve Him and His purpose together with other believers as “ONE” body. In serving, we are to “LOVE” other members of the body of Christ. This series will conclude with a message entitled “REFLECT” which will communicate our opportunity to reflect Christ. All of this is for God’s glory in response to His greatness.

So, read Romans 12, and join us at Pathway Church this Sunday (March 23), or listen online. Do your part as you live for Him!

Up to Speed

March 11, 2014 Posted by admin

up to speedThis month I have been sharing a sermon series through Romans 12 on Sunday mornings at Pathway Church entitled “OUR PART”. I am writing this blog to bring you “up to speed” with this sermon series.

Romans 11 ends with the Doxology expressing God’s greatness. As Paul continues to write, he responds to God’s greatness. Romans 12 opens with the context that since God is so great, we should OFFER ourselves as living dead men to the Lord. The first readers of these words of Paul (author of Romans) had a deep understanding of the sacrifice.

Once Paul writes to the Christians in Rome (and everywhere) about sacrificing yourself to God by living for Him – because He is so great… Paul goes on to write about working together as the “body” of Christ. Paul writes within the context of 2 words: ” Privilege” and “Authority”. These words are taken from the NLT. In humility, Paul understands that it is his privilege to speak to the church. And, he has this privilege because Jesus passed the authority to speak to the church to Paul. As I spoke this past Sunday, I probably got bogged down a little as I spoke about authority. There is a several week long sermon series that I could preach on authority. We need to remember that God  the Father gave “all authority” to God the Son. Jesus passes His authority to His followers when he calls them to go into all the world and proclaim His message.

Paul uses this authority to speak to the church to tell them that God, in His knowledge and authority has given His followers gifts, abilities, and a life context that is designed to be used for His purpose. When we all do “OUR PART” – and use our gifts, then together we will operate as the body of Christ… as ONE, and accomplish God’s purpose.

Using our gifts is part of how we are to be living sacrifices – which is all in response to God’s greatness. So, respond to God’s greatness, and live for His glory!